Publishers worldwide gear up for launch of Steve Jobs biography

Oct 24, 2011

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography has its first publication worldwide in the English language on 24 October, with translation editions appearing from that date throughout the autumn.

Eagerly anticipated, this landmark book by Walter Isaacson, the bestselling author of biographies of such geniuses as Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein, provides an extraordinary account of Jobs’ professional and personal life.

Isaacson's biography about the Apple founder has maintained a number one position on and since the announcement of its revised publication date in pre-orders alone. North American publisher Simon & Schuster, UK and Commonwealth publisher Little Brown and over 30 international publishers have worked to coordinate the book's release and publicity campaign with agent Amanda Urban of ICM Books working in association with Curtis Brown.

Drawn from more than forty exclusive interviews that Isaacson conducted with Jobs over the course of two years – as well as with family members, colleagues, rivals, friends, and adversaries – Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography is the definitive portrait of our era’s most creative and innovative business leader.

Isaacson writes: 'This book is about the roller coaster life and searingly intense personality of a creative entrepreneur whose passion for perfection and ferocious drive revolutionized six industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing, and digital publishing. You might even add a seventh: retail stores, which Jobs did not quite revolutionize, but he did reimagine. Plus, he opened the way for a new market for digital content based on apps rather than just websites. This book tells the greatest business story of our time. When Jobs took over Apple for the second time in 1997, the company was seven weeks from bankruptcy, and he made it the most valuable company on earth. He not only produced transforming products but also “a lasting company, endowed with his DNA and filled with creative designers and daredevil engineers who could carry forward his vision”.'

Fortune magazine will publish an exclusive excerpt in the United States and the whole first chapter can be read exclusively at, Little Brown's official site for the book. Isaacson's first interview with CBS 60 Minutes aired on Sunday 23 October. Watch  the interview below: