Richard Cameron's Flower Girls on tour

Flower Girls

October 23, 2007

Richard Cameron's new play, Flower Girls, is on tour this month at The New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich, The Drum Theatre in Plymouth and Hampstead Theatre, London.

Flower Girls was commissioned by Graeae Theatre and the New Wolsey Theater and is set in The Crippleage, Edgware - a home for disabled women which was founded in by John Groom in 1932. Many of the women moved there from orphanages and spent their whole lives there. The women supported themselves by making silk flowers to sell. Richard's funny and moving play follows the stories of six women, flitting between the stories of Sally, Alice and Lilly, set in 1940, and Mabel, Joan and Rose, set in 1965, when men were first admitted to Crippleage.

"A red button. From a red coat...I collected them. From every coat of every new arrival at the orphanage, before they were sold to the rag man. And I would wait until they were at their homesick worst. A penny to hold it, a shilling to keep it."

"Cameron has the knack of elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary and of finding the heartfelt among the mundane" The Guardian

Richard's recent work includes Gong Donkeys (2004) and The Glee Club (2002) both for The Bush. The Glee Club also transferred to The Duchess Theatre in the West End.

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