Sadie J begins on CBBC

Sadie J

January 14, 2011

Sadie J, a new feel-good family comedy, created and lead written by Robert Evans and produced by Paul McKenzie, begins today on CBBC at 5.25pm.

Sadie is a feisty 13-year-old girl with the sass of Cheryl Cole and the punch of a prize fighter. Try as she might, it's not easy being fabulous when Sadie is surrounded by a bunch of burping, wind-breaking blokes.

Born with a sunny disposition, Sadie is convinced she can find the solution to any problem – including her dad. Not that he's a problem per se – it's more his singleton status that bugs Sadie. Following the death of her mother six years ago, her dad Steve has remained single.

Today's episode sees Sadie fall for geek-turned-hottie Joe, but how can she compete with trog-face Chloe? By proving to him that she's not a grease monkey in overalls. Cue one of Kit's makeovers.

Katie Douglas has also written on this new six part series, packed with colourful characters and bags of belly laughs

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