Roche, Griffin and Jobson are Scottish BAFTA nominees

The Forgotten Fallen

October 22, 2009

The candidates for this year's Scottish BAFTAs were announced on Monday, with nominations for Richard Jobson, Annie Griffin and Tony Roche.

Richard Jobson is nominated for Best Director for New Town Killers, which received a second nomination for Best Feature Film.

Annie Griffin and Tony Roche both received nominations for Best Writer, Annie for New Town and Tony for In The Loop, alongside Jesse Armstrong, Simon Blackwell and Arnando Iannucci.

In other categories, Peter Harness's The Forgotten Fallen received an acting nomination for Bill Paterson, while Stephen McCole is nominated for his role as Joe Frisk in Crying With Laughter.

Speaking at the event, BAFTA Scotland Director Helen Anderson praised the high standard of this year's nominees, saying, "The sheer volume of films, TV and games produced in Scotland this year is staggering - a real testament to Scotland's burgeoning industry. There is some inspiring talent both in front of and behind the camera."

The awards take place at Glasgow's Science Centre on Sunday 8 November.

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