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Nicola Lathey & Tracey Blake


Nicola Lathey and Tracey Blake are writing Small Talk, a book tracing the speech and language development of 0-4 year olds, due to be published in spring 2013. It features a range of Small Talk games and tricks to implement into a child’s daily life, helping to expand their communication skills.

Nicola Lathey is a Speech and Language Therapist, who has worked for the NHS and abroad in Australia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. She is the founder of the Owl Centre, a private speech and language therapy clinic for children in Oxfordshire.

Tracey Blake is a journalist and editor, working at the Daily Mail. Her hugely popular 2009-2010 baby blog on the Daily Mail’s website detailed her experiences as a first-time mother to daughter Minnie. As assistant Editor on the Life & Style and Femail sections, she commissions and edits features, dealing with many high-profile columnists.

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