Ravinder Bhogal

Cook in Boots

A fresh new cook on the block, with over 150 irresistible and easy dishes to dress up, dress down or simply kick off your heels and indulge yourself with. Greed has never been so fashionable! This luscious, sophisticated, you-want-to-eat-the-food-off-the-page cookbook launches an exciting new face in the world of cooking.

Ravinder Bhogal is a 'self-confessed greedy girl about town' and your new best friend in the kitchen. Winning the 'Fanny Craddock for the new generation' award from Gordon Ramsay on his 'F-Word' programme, Ravinder has a huge appetite for good food (and unhealthy addiction to high heels). She understands that modern women need a new kind of cookbook that caters to their moods as well as their busy lifestyles, and be accessible and fun.

Cook in Boots is divided into 12 chapters offering a simple, tasty and effortless recipe for every capricious, delicious one of you.
Cook in Boots

Home cooking at its delicious best Angela Hartnett

Dresses to dress up, dress down or just kick off your heels and indulge in... We love.
Marie Claire

A collection of colourful, unashamedly girlie dishes, designed with a woman's many moods in mind.

Indulge yourself with her girl about town recipes - whether you're a homebunny, career girl or slob, there's something for all of us. Yum!

A sumptuous book... with recipes to impres the in-laws, glamorous treats for girlie nights in and frugal food to ease the pain till payday.
Waitrose Food Illustrated

Shoes and chocolate... a girl's best friend, non? And nobody understands this better than food writer and honorary Grazia girl Ravinder Bhogal.