Rebecca Ritchie
+44 (0)20 7393 4416


I joined the Curtis Brown Books Department at the beginning of 2011, and work with Sheila Crowley on her incredible fiction and non-fiction list.

I’m on the lookout for exciting debut writing talent, especially historical or contemporary fiction, novels set in exotic settings or those that have real emotion or a dilemma at their heart, or a page-turning psychological thriller.


  • @ceciliacw @a_cochran @alice_dill YES. Now to procure myself an office to house said table & create a suitable squabble to upturn it during.

    RT @WFHowes: #BritishwritingisnotallGrey - True for Letters to the Lost by @Iona_Grey (pun not intended)…

    @marialenacarr Ah I'm afraid I'm arrive at JFK as we speak - sorry! Do be in touch via Anna though.