Richard Alwyn

Documentary and fiction director and writer for film.

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Richard Alwyn is an award-winning film maker and writer with a distinguished track record in documentary and fact-based drama. His feature length film, The Beslan Siege, which chronicled the hostage crisis of September 2004, won the Prix d'Italia and was chosen by Observer television critic Kathryn Flett as one of her ten television highlights of the decade.

Richard's incisive and instructive documentaries have included a critically acclaimed series on The Catholics for BBC4 and subjects as diverse as suicide, spritualism and Margaret Thatcher.

Richard also executive produced BBC Films' BIFA nominated Shooting Dogs, which starred Hugh Dancy and John Hurt.




Producer Pippa Cross & David Belton
Adaptation of the best-selling novel by Kent Haruf about the interlocking lives of a rural community in Colorado
Crossday Productions
In development

Writer & Director

Producer Pippa Cross, Jamie Laurenson & David Thompson
Against a back-drop of famine and war, a young herdsmen in South Sudan is determined to marry the girl of his dreams
BBC Films
CrossDay Productions
In development


Director Michael Caton-Jones
  • Hugh Dancy
  • John Hurt
    Acclaimed film.  A Catholic priest and a young teacher provide sanctuary for Tutsis during the Rwandan genocide of 1994.
    BBC Films
    CrossDay Productions




    A documentary about Rio

    3 x 60'

    Three part series going behind the scenes at three Cathedrals in England

    Wingspan Productions for BBC4
    Producer Alexandra Henderson
    Documentary on the young Margaret Thatcher, based on Charles Moore's official biography
    October Films for BBC2
    3 x 60'
    Producer Archie Baron
    Three films exploring the agonies and ecstasies of being Catholic in Britain today
    Wingspan Productions for BBC4
    Producer Hilary Salmon
    Writer Simon Beaufoy
    Adaptation of Roger Deakin's book about free swimming across the United Kingdom
    BBC Productions
    In development
    Marcel Theroux travels across Japan in an attempt to understand the elusive concept of Wabi Sabi
    KEO Films for BBC4
    Acclaimed documentary examining belief, faith and the afterlife filmed at a Walthamstow spiritualist church
    Ronachan Films for Channel Four
    Producer Barbara Arvanitidis
  • Rageh Omaar
    Documentary chronicling modern day child slavery throughout the world
    BBC Productions for BBC2
    Producer Paul Kerr
  • Roger Ashton-Griffiths

    Drama documentary telling the story of Samuel Johnson and the creation of the first English dictionary

    October Films for BBC4
    Producer Alan Eyres
  • Emily Bruni
  • Aislinn Sands
    Drama documentary imagining what would happen if the west ended its aid programmes in Africa
    BBC Productions for BBC2
    The Beslan Siege
    58th Prix Italia winner: Best Documentary
    1 x 120'
    Producer Liana Pomeranzev
    Award winning documentary exploring the Beslan school massacre.
    October Films for Discovery Networks Europe
    Documentary about an American faith-based abstinence programme that promotes sexual purity rather than sex education.
    BBC Productions for BBC2
    Stopping Distance
    BAFTA Craft Nominated: Best Drama
    1 x 65'
    Producer Jamie Laurenson
    Writer Kate Gartside
    Acclaimed teen drama depicting events leading up to and in the aftermath of a rape
    BBC Films for BBC2
    The Secret Life of Japan: Suicide
    RTS Winner: Best Film Editing
    1 x 60'
    Documentary portrait of a Japanese social phenomenon
    MBC Productions for Channel 4
    The travails of manager Kevin Keegan as he attempts to shepherd his England team through the Euro 2000 qualifiers
    Wark Clements for Channel 4
    Producer Stephen Lambert
    Documentary following a group of boys in Liverpool supporting England in the 1998 World Cup

    BBC Productions for BBC2
    Modern Times: The Shrine
    BAFTA nominated: Best Documentary
    1 x 90'
    Highly acclaimed documentary depicting a nation in mourning in the aftermath of the death of Princess Diana
    BBC Productions for BBC2
    Documentary chronicling life on a small Dartmoor farm throughout the BSE crisis
    BBC Productions for BBC2