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Rufus Norris

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London Road

National Theatre, Cottesloe, 2011 Director Rufus Norris Starring Rosalie Craig, Kate Fleetwood, Nick Holder, Claire Moore & Michael Shaeffer

Alecky Blythe's drama about the residents of London Road is directed by Rufus Norris at the National's Cottesloe.

Alecky interviewed those who lived near the drama of the events in 2006 to look into how their lives were affected by the murders, and how their community changed.
London Road - photograph by Helen Warner

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Theatre, Film & TV Nick Marston Nick Marston
+44 (0)20 7393 4450
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This miraculously innovative show finds a new way of representing reality.

Michael Billington The Guardian

Exceptional design and lighting, outstanding performances by an ensemble cast and precision direction by Rufus Norris combine in a production that speaks eloquently about the human condition in all its messy tragi-comedy, while never straining for effect

Jane Shilling The Telegraph

It is a credit to Rufus Norris that the idiosyncrasies so perfectly captured in the words of London Road come through so strongly in these incredibly human characterisations

Kieran James The Good Review

Rufus Norris's beautifully performed production

Brian Logan The Guardian

Rufus Norris's stunning production

Michael Coveney The Independent

A cast of 11 play more than 60 roles with panache in Rufus Norris’s imaginatively staged production.

Charles Spencer The Telegraph

Rufus Norris directs with great style and sensitivity, and the entire creative team triumphs

Henry Hitchings The Evening Standard

It all amounts to the most genuinely interesting and innovative new musical I’ve seen for ages

Michael Coveney Whatsonstage

it is an extraordinary show on several levels.

Sarah Hemming Financial Times

It's the first original musical to be put on at the National since Jerry Springer: it matches it. Its wit knocks the socks off many "straight" plays.

Susannah Clapp The Observer

this is something very new for the musical form, a powerful, beautiful and unsettling articulation of the ambivalence that underpins all communities.

Andrzej Lukowski Time Out

scrupulous, revelatory - and as gripping as the tragedy it skirts... A long tableaux of three silent prostitutes is as moving a sight as you're likely to see in the theatre this year.

Caroline McGinn Time Out