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The Better Half

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Anita is a wife on the edge.

Thanks to her husband Frank’s success in business she has lived a lavish lifestyle at the heart of the city’s elite. However, now that the economy is in freefall, it seems the days of boozy lunches with ‘the girls’, glittering charity balls and competitive designer shopping are over.

Still, though the banks are breathing down their necks, and their marriage is far from perfect, Anita had believed she and Frank would pull through. After all, they came from nothing. That was until she heard news that shook both her marriage, and the family she thought happy and secure, to its foundations.

As she faces meltdown, Anita is haunted. Why did she walk away from her one chance to prove herself on her own terms? What happened to the love that was once so overwhelming? And how did she let herself get lost in an empty high-rolling lifestyle?

Anita has to find herself again … but how do you do that when you’re just someone else’s better half?

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The Better Half
The Better Half

Harte’s glossy debut The Better Half is a deceptively sharp, witty look at modern Ireland. Anna Carey
Irish Times

The Better Half is the tale of the wife, a woman who gets so caught up in the wave of motherhood, married life and materialism that she loses touch with her core self. Ciara Dwyer
Irish Independent

A gripping, well-observed slice of the excesses and demise of the Celtic Tiger... Claire Coughlan

This well-observed look at how the other half live is a real gem – and brilliantly gripping
Closer Magazine
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