Savina Dellicour

 Fiction director

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Savina Dellicour is a director whose most recent film All Cats Are Grey won Best International Film at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Savina graduated from the National Film and Television School in London after a completing an MA in  Fiction Directing and Screenwriting in Belgium. Her NFTS graduation film, Ready, was nominated for Best Foreign Film at both the Student Oscars and the TCM Awards.

Savina's follow up short, Strange Little Girls, was funded by Film Four and the UK Film Council. It won the Venice Award at the Singapore Short Film Festival and has been sold for distribution in several countries around the world.

Savina also directs television and has worked on numerous episodes of Channel 4's long running show, Hollyoaks.





Producer Josie Law
Writer Cass Willing
  • Ben Aris
  • Anthony O'Donnell
  • Nick Raggett
  • Imelda Stauton
    Savina's NFTS graduation short
    National Film and Television School

    Writer & Director

  • Manon Capelle
  • Anne Coesens
  • Dune de Braconier
  • Danièle Denie
  • Alain Eloy

    Grand Jury Prize at the Brussels Festival of Independent Films 1998
  • Bernard Craczyk
  • Yasmine Franjulien
  • Tamara Geets
  • Sophia Lebouffe
    French language graduation film from Institut des Arts de Diffusion, won Grand Jury Prize at Brussels Festival of Independent Films
    Institut des Arts de Diffusion, Belgium
    Strange Little Girls
    Voice Award, 3rd Singapore Shorts Film Festival 2006
    Producer Josie Law
  • Laura Beales
  • Paul Gilmore
  • Charlie Kennedy
  • Billy McColl
    Original short funded by the Film Council and Film Four for Cinema Extreme
    Kurzfimlagentur Hamburg
    Lunar Productions



    Lime Pictures for Channel Four