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Simon Donald

Playwright and writer for television

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The Life Of Stuff

Feature, 1997 Prairie Pictures Producer Linda Myles Director Simon Donald Writer Simon Donald Starring Ewen Bremner, Liam Cunningham, Jason Flemyng, Ciaran Hinds & Gina McKee

Wannabe gangster Willie Dobie has bought a squalid warehouse, which he plans to turn into a flagship of his criminal empire. Believing he has eliminated his arch rival, 'Mad Alec Sneddon', he plans to hold the party of a lifetime to celebrate. Helping to organise this event are his main henchmen, the psychotic David Arbogast and eczema-ridden Leonard. Making up this motley crew are Holly and Evelyn, lured to the party by the promise of a good time and good drugs; Fraser, the innocent perpetrator of Sneddon's demise, and Janice, who also played an unwitting part in the murder - both now trapped in the basement.

During the course of the evening, with events spiralling ever more crazily out of control, Dobie is brought violently to the realisation that his dream of 'donship' is just that; a dream which will be shot down in flames as Sneddon avenges his 'death'.
The Life of Stuff

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