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A Fulbright Scholar, Stavros began his career directing TV commercials in his home town of Nicosia, Cyprus, before moving to London and completing an MA in Screenwriting from the LFS.

His first feature, the multi-award winning Shirley Adams, was part of the official selection at several international film festivals, including Toronto, Locarno, Rotterdam and London.

An alumni of the 2010 Berlin Film Festival Talent Campus, Stavros was invited to the Working Title Films Residency at the 2010 Hay Festival, and was selected to attend the prestigious Binger Film Lab, in Amsterdam where he developed his first feature as a writer/director, the Nicosia-based The First Cypriot Astronaut, which has recently received MEDIA support.


Bleak Sea Feature
Wonder Room Productions
In development
Director Giacomo Cimini
Writer Stavros Pamballis

A British submarine crew encounter a deadly and terrifying enemy in the deep

Monolith Feature
Met Film
Writer Stavros Pamballis

Turbulence Feature
Dreamfinder Productions
Producer Natasha Carlish
Writer Stavros Pamballis
Starring Shay O'Driscoll, Sophie Waller, David Alwyn & Connor Mills

A Musical Romantic Comedy

Saving Abeo 2010
Essential Cinema
In development
Writer Stavros Pamballis

The Beatle and The Banker Feature
Nightfall Films
In development
Writer Stavros Pamballis

Adaptation of Very Naughty Boys by Robert Sellers

Shirley Adams Feature
DV8 Films for Visit Films
Producer Roland Emmerich
Director Oliver Hermanus
Writer Stavros Pamballis
Starring Keenan Arrison, Emily Child, Adrian Galley, Denise Newman & Theresa Sedras

Drama following a South African mother as she cares for her paralysed son

Bit Parts Feature
Iron Box Films
In development
Producer Raimund Berens
Writer Stavros Pamballis

A Minor Video Game character experiences an awakening that could change her fate, and her world, forever.

Christmas Rush Feature
Matador Pictures
Writer Stavros Pamballis

On the busiest shopping day of the year, two kids bring chaos, and the christmas spirit, to the country’s largest mall

The Land of The Golden Apple Feature
AMP Filmworks
In development
Writer Stavros Pamballis

Film based on the novel by Eve Makis

Writer and Director
The First Cypriot Astronaut Feature
Iron Box Films
Producer Raimund Berens, Bernhard Pucher
Director Stavros Pamballis
Writer Stavros Pamballis

An alzheimer’s patient, a Soviet space capsule, and a second chance at a crazy childhood dream.