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Steve Hudson

 Director and writer of fiction film

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True North

★ Nominated for Best Directorial Debut, British Independent Film Awards 2006
Feature, 2006 Rosebud Films & BBC Films for Ariel Films Producer Sonja Ewers Director Steve Hudson Writer Steve Hudson Starring Martin Compston, Gary Lewis, Angel Li, Peter Mullen & Steven Robertson

Written and directed by Steve Hudson, True North boasts a fine central perforamnce from Peter Mullen as a crewman of a North Sea trawler whose skipper, played by Gary Lewis, has been forced to turn to people smuggling in a desperate effort to save their business from bankruptcy.

After premiering at the Toronto Film Festival True North went on to recieve many awards and nominations including a nomination for Best Debut Director at the British Independent Film Awards and four Scottish BAFTA nominations including Best Film and Best Screenplay.

True North by Steve Hudson

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