Spy School

by Stuart Gibbs Fiction

  • UK & Comm Hachette Children's Books (March 2013)
  • US & Canada Simon & Schuster

Ben Ripley doesn't want to grow up to work anywhere but the C.I.A. Sadly, he is so awkward he can barely get to school and back without getting himself killed, so nothing about him really screams secret agent. When he is recruited for a Science-concentrated school, it makes perfect sense until he finds out it is really a front for training junior C.I.A. agents and he realizes that his superiors might not have signed him up with the hopes of him graduating at the top of his class.

Can Ben overcome his innate nerdiness and morph into the super-cool undercover agent who gets the girl? Probably not, but it sure will be fun to see him try!

This is the first book in the series.
Spy School UK cover