Tamzin Merchant

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Role Rosa
Director Diarmuid Lawrence
Production Company BBC
The Mystery of Edwin Drood is Charles Dickens' famously unfinished novel. He died in 1870 while halfway through writing it and so his intentions for the conclusion have always remained a tantalising mystery. This new adaptation for the BBC explores a new ending.

Tamzin plays the leading female role of Rosa Bud, the young fiancee of Edwin Drood (played by Freddie Fox), who is starting to have doubts about their long-standing betrothal. She has also become an obsessive fixation for the sinister choirmaster John Jasper (Matthew Rhys) who begins to relentlessly pursue her.
The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Tamzin Merchant as his luminously beautiful but otherwise entirely unfortunate betrothed, Rosa Bud, was just as good – young and spirited but vulnerable still. Lucy Mangan
The Guardian