Tessa Parr

Tessa is currently leading in The Soaking of Vera Shrimp at the Pleasance Attic, Edinburgh Fringe Festival to great reviews. 

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Tessa Parr’s splendidly no-nonsense heroine

Alfred Hickling
The Guardian on Get Santa

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Vera is played by Parr with a freshness, vitality, humour and vulnerability that both disarms us and makes us realise the beauty and fragility of youth. At times, Parr asks a question then turns to stare at us with big open eyes that have an intensity and honesty all their own.

Alison Carr
British Theatre Guide on The Soaking of Vera Shrimp

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There’s something eerily, convincingly vague about Parr’s performance. She’s all flitty, jerky movements, wide smiles and direct stares, but behind her eyes there’s a palpable sense that she really is just making everything up as she goes along.****

Daisy Bowie-Sell
Time Out on Dead To Me

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