The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival 2011 Line Up

The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival

October 06, 2011

The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival will be taking place this year from the 7-16 October and Howard Jacobson, Jeffrey Archer, Isla Blair, Heather Brooke, Grace Dent, Rosamund Lupton, David Lodge, Adele Parks, Brian Aldiss, Duncan Bannatyne, Carol Drinkwater, Tom Rob Smith, Mary Soames, Edward Stourton, DJ Taylor, Mark Urban and Conor Woodman will all be appearing.

The Festival, now in its 62nd year, has a Journeys of Discovery theme and features its most ambitious and varied programme to date. Over 10 days the historic town will host more than 500 events, including talks by leading authors, discussion groups and creative writing workshops. The events will be held in Cheltenham’s new Festival Quarter – a tented village on Imperial Square - and a new site for this year’s festival in Montpelier Gardens.
The Festival begins on Friday 7 October

Friday 7 October

At 12 noon David Lodge will be joined by Ramona Koval, to discuss his latest novel, A Man of Parts, in which he re-imagines the eventful life of HG Wells. Later that afternoon at 4pm, he will meet academic John Sutherland to discuss the connections between biography, autobiography and fiction.

Saturday 8 October

D J Taylor will join historian Paul Preston and literary expert Valentine Cunningham at 10am to explore the historical significance and cultural afterlife of the Spanish Civil war, which marks its 75th anniversary this year. At 2pm D J Taylor and John Sutherland join financial historian Ranald Michie to explore the portrayal of money in the work of the great Victorian novelists, and examine the economic parallels between their society and ours.

Grace Dent talks about what it is really like to watch television for a living, with a panel of TV critics including Kirsty Lang and Kate Harwood (BBC Drama Head of Series and Serials) in Montpellier Gardens at 4pm, before heading over to the Highland Park Marquee at 5.30pm for festival keynote reading from her latest book How to Leave Twitter. Later that evening, at 8:45pm, she will join Caitlin Moran for Tweet Nothings – an hilarious look at the world of Twitter and its effect on our lives.

Tom Rob Smith, author of Child 44, The Secret Speech and Agent 6, three dynamic thrillers all set in Soviet Russia, co-hosts Moscow Rules with fellow author A D Miller at 6pm in Montpellier Gardens. Their talk will focus on their writing and the enduring appeal of Russia-based spy novels and thrillers.

Heather Brooke will be discussing her Freedom of Information campaigning and her new book The Revolution Will Be Digitised at 8:45pm in Montpelier Gardens.

Sunday 9 October

Jeffrey Archer will be talking about his latest novel, Only Time Will Tell, the first volume in a new multi-generational family saga entitled The Clifton Chronicles at 16:45.

Later that evening, Isla Blair and her husband, the actor Julian Glover, will be ‘in conversation’ at QWERTY at 20:45.

Tuesday 11 October

Based on his hugely popular Daily Telegraph columns, Edward Stourton will be considering the whole gamut of things canine at 2.30pm.

Mary Soames will be discussing her largely idyllic childhood, her experiences of wartime, and sharing reminiscences of her famous parents, Winston and Clementine Churchill at 4pm to celebrate the publication of her memoir, A Daughter's Tale.

Duncan Bannatyne, will be discussing his latest book 43 Mistakes Every Business Makes and how to avoid them at 8.45pm.

At the same time, Rosamund Lupton will be meeting novelist Anne Holt to discuss the continuing appeal of crime and thriller writing.

Wednesday 12 October

Mark Urban and historians Allan Mallinson, Max Hastings and Michael Howard will debate the value of military experience in writing authentically on military matters at 2pm.

Thursday 13 October

Carol Drinkwater and Telegraph columnist Michael Wright will discuss the delights and the downsides of living the dream in rural France at 4.30pm.

Friday 14 October

Howard Jacobson will be discussing his writing and life beyond the Booker, as well as Whatever It Is, I Don’t Like It, with Ramona Koval at 3.45pm.

Saturday 15 October

Conor Woodman, who tested accepted economic wisdom in Around the World in 80 Trades and Unfair Trade, explains his simple, but radical solution to creating a fairer world at 2.30pm.

That evening, at 7.15pm, iconic science fiction writer Brian Aldiss explores the genre’s enduring fascination with the boundary between man and machine.

Adele Parks will join two other best-selling authors of the romance genre, Jill Mansell and Penny Vincenzi, at 9pm to round off the festival with an exploration of how love fits into a modern woman’s life, in fact and fiction.

To find out more and book tickets, visit The Times Cheltenham Festival official website

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