Crazy Heart

by Thomas Cobb Fiction

  • US HarperCollins (2010, 248 pages)
  • UK Constable & Robinson

First published in 1989 Crazy Heart was republished in 2010 in conjunction with the Oscar nominated film based on it.

At the age of fifty-seven, Bad Blake is on his last legs. His weight, his ticker, his liver, even his pick-up truck are all giving him trouble. A renowned songwriter and "picker" who hasn't recorded in five years, Bad now travels the countryside on gigs that take him mostly to motels and bowling alleys. Enter Ms. Right. Can Bad stop living the life of a country-western song and tie a rope around his crazy heart?

Crazy Heart US film cover
Bad is entirely sympathetic, and his crazy heart is vivid; the milieu is as resonant as a steel guitar, and the plot moves along without skipping a beat.

New York Times

Crazy Heart is a beautiful book

Kinky Friedman Washington Times

Crazy Heart gets film boost

Ben Fritz Los Angeles Times

The rocky road of boozy nights, busted dreams and the hope of one more chance, traveled in so many country songs and movies, is good for yet another trip in Crazy Heart.

Todd McCarthy Entertainment Weekly

Jeff Bridges wins Oscar for Crazy Heart

Chris Nashawaty Entertainment Weekly