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Tom de Ville is a film and television writer.

He created and wrote the horror anthology Urban Gothic for Channel Five when he was 23. Since then he has developed horror projects with horror luminaries such as George Romero and Sam Raimi.  

His first feature script The Quiet Ones was chosen as one of Variety’s top unproduced British scripts in 2007 and was picked up by Hammer Films / Exclusive Media the following year. The Quiet Ones is currently in post production with John Pogue directing. 

More recently, he has co-created two feature projects with director Corin Hardy. The Good People, being developed by Occupant Films in Los Angeles and Frogz Legz which is being developed by Brilliant Films in the UK. 

Tom is currently developing a feature, Exeat with Matador Pictures, and adapting The Glamour for Story Films, having recently developed the television series The Grey Meadows for Company Pictures and directed his first short film, Corvidae for Wolfheart Productions. The film stars Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones).


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The Glamour Feature
Story Films
Producer Gareth Evans
Director Gerald McMorrow
Writer Tom de Ville

Adaptation of the classic British science fiction novel by Christopher Priest

Exeat Feature
Matador Pictures
Director China Moo-Young
Writer Tom de Ville

Thriller: a brutal revenge thriller in which a tormented schoolgirl embraces her family’s dark past to face the vicious gang that rules her school.

Frogz Legz Feature
Brilliant Films
Producer Rory GIlmartin
Director Corin Hardy
Writer Tom de Ville

A class of English schoolkids discover that the French village they've gone to on an exchange is infested with horrifying were-frogs.

Refuge Feature
Blumhouse Pictures for Mandate Pictures
In Development
Producer Sam Raimi
Director Corin Hardy
Writer Tom de Ville

The survivors of a plane crash try to escape the mountain they are trapped on whilst fighting off an ancient creature that has emerged from the ice.

The Good People Feature
Occupant Films
Producer Joe Neurater
Director Corin Hardy
Writer Tom de Ville

A young couple fight to save their baby from a horde of fairies that are intent on invading their cottage in rural Ireland.

The Quiet Ones Feature
Hammer Films/Exclusive Media
Producer Simon Oakes
Director John Pogue
Writer Tom de Ville

Five students embarking on a psychological experiment unleash a terrifying supernatural force that threatens to tear them apart.

Kick It Till It Breaks Feature

Writer Tom de Ville

An explosive biopic charting the rise and fall of The Angry Brigade - the London anarchists who carried out a bombing campaign against the Establishment in the early 1970s.

Dark Young Things Feature
P-Kino Films
Writer Tom de Ville

A gore-packed thrill-ride developed with George A. Romero.

All Soul's Night Feature
Civilian Content
Writer Tom de Ville

One night every hundred years, God and the Devil take a night off in London. This time around they play a citywide game of golf and become wrapped up in a crime-lord's plan to bring about the end of days.

Writer and Director
Corvidae Short
Wolfheart Productions
Post Production
Producer Nick Hudson and Alexander Wolpert
Director Tom de Ville
Writer Tom de Ville

A young girl unleashes a dark, old magic when she tries to save the life of a wounded crow.

Hannibal 2014

Writer Tom de Ville

The Grey Meadows 2013
Company Pictures
Writer Tom de Ville

When a documentary filmmaker's lover goes missing in 'the most haunted house in Britain' he assembles a team to pull the house apart and discover what happened to her.

Devil May Care 2010
Hat Trick Productions
Writer Tom de Ville

A thirty-year old nobody learns that he has five very powerful half-brothers and sisters, one of whom might be the Antichrist.

Lexx 2001
Salter Street Films for Sci-Fi Channel and Channel 5
Producer Norman Denver
Writer Tom de Ville
Starring Brian Downey, Michael McManus , Xenia Seeberg, Jeffrey Hirschfield & Tom Gallant

Two episodes of the cult Canadian sci-fi show.

Urban Gothic: Series 1 and 2 22 x 60'
1999 to 2001
Black Jack Productions for Five
Producer John Price
Writer Tom de Ville
Starring Ania Sowinski, Kelle Spry, Ella Jones & William Mannering

An anthology of contemporary London-based horror stories. Tom co-created and wrote all thirteen episodes of the first series and wrote and directed four episodes of the second series.