Agent 6

by Tom Rob Smith Fiction

  • UK Simon & Schuster (June 2011, Ed. Suzanne Baboneau)
  • US Grand Central Publishing (Ed. Mitch Hoffman)

Former Secret Service agent Leo Demidov is forbidden to travel with his wife and daughters to New York as part of a ‘Peace Tour’, meant to foster better relations between the two Cold War enemies. Leo’s natural paranoia reaches its peak: Why have his family been selected? What is being planned?

When Leo’s worst fears are realised and a tragic murder destroys everything he loves, he demands only one thing: that he is allowed to investigate and find the killer who has struck at the heart of his family. Crippled by grief, his request denied, Leo sees no other option than to take matters into his own hands, thousands of miles from the crime scene.

In a surprising, thrilling story that spans decades and continents – from the backstreets of 1960s New York to the mountains of Afghanistan in the 1980s – Leo will stop at nothing as he hunts the one person who knows the truth: Agent 6.
Agent 6

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A terrific, freewheeling energy and pace, to which Rob Smith’s no-nonsense prose is perfectly suited.

The Telegraph

If you’re a crime-fiction addict then you will have heard of, and devoured, Child 44 and The Secret Speech, the first two books in the series. If you haven’t, don’t let that stop you from picking up the final book, as reformed KGB officer Leo Demidov finds himself coming up against his greatest enemy to date: Mother Russia.


Smith is superb at evoking the day-to-day realities and bitter ironies of the Cold War…its three action-packed, immaculately researched sections are individually pungent and powerful


A complex and gripping narrative, following an ex-secret service agent as he bombs around the exotic locations of Russian, the states and Afghanistan. It’s the last instalment of this Leo Demidov trilogy, ending with some weepy, begrudging happiness.

Gay Times

Just like the opening chapter in this bleak saga, Agent 6 is something far greater than a rank and file thriller.

An intricate game, a history lesson, philosophy in action.


Tense and moving.


The curtain may have fallen on this particular dark tale, but it has been well and truly raised on a new talent who looks set to be entertaining and moving us for many decades to come.

The Scotsman

Another first-class, must-read crime novel.


Tom Rob Smith has once again managed to create an exceptionally strong thriller...In short, Agent 6 is perfect entertainment.

Die Welt

The Afghan interlude is a searing echo of today’s headlines, while the buildup of suspense over several decades is the armchair equivalent of a jaw-jarringly extreme ride at an amusement park.

Library Journal

With Agent 6, Smith has created an epic finale, covering thirty years while moving between the USSR, the United States, and Afghanistan. Smith has a gift for sharply-etched characterization, especially with the new characters. A twisty thriller in a class with le Carré, Agent 6 is a satisfying culmination to the trilogy.

Suspense Magazine

Once again, Smith is very good at creating the claustrophobic atmospheres through which his protagonist moves, sieged by shadows, unable to distinguish friends from enemies.

Quotidiano di Brindisi

Tom Rob Smith is back, from Russia without love. Reading his books is a roller coaster experience … In the amusement park of contemporary literature, Smith’s attractions are among the most exciting one.

Corriere della Sera

Tom Rob Smith knows how to deliver a page turner.

Giornale di Brescia

A gripping, relentless whodunit plot...Most readers will reach the final page with regret and in awe of Smith’s uncompromising vision of the realities of a police state and the toll it takes on those caught in its meshes.

Publishers Weekly, starred review

With his thriller, the author unmasks the lies of official historiography.

Feridun Zaimoglu, writer, for BRIGITTE magazine

With an excellent sense of dramaturgy, Smith describes how Demidov crosses geographical, political and human borders.

dpa, German News Agency

Close to historic reality and convincing in the psychological setup of its characters – the ideal reading matter.


The last of an awfully good series.



Der Standard

The way he turns most serious subject matter into a gripping story is unequalled.

Berner Bär

As fast-paced as its predecessors.

TV Star, Switzerland

Breathless, successful and red-hot.

Events supplement of Tagesanzeiger, Switzerland

Another first-class, must-read crime novel.


A big book, in every sense, that’s sure to draw attention.

Kirkus, starred review

Tom Rob Smith secures his place in the pantheon of crime writers with this taut, absorbing conclusion to the trilogy he so brilliantly began with Child 44 and The Secret Speech.


A page-turning frenzy.


Agent 6 is the most assured and best installment in this strong series.

Dallas News

Smith has created an epic finale...(he) has a gift for sharply-etched characterization, especially with the new characters. A twisty thriller in a class with le Carré, Agent 6 is a satisfying culmination to the trilogy.

Suspense Magazine

Fans have been drooling for the finale.

USA Today

Readers of Child 44 and The Secret Speech have been eagerly awaiting this third volume of Tom Rob Smith's trilogy of Soviet-era thrillers.

Christian Science Monitor

Not only has Tom Rob Smith given us a riveting yet contemplative trilogy culminating in a heart-rending final installment — he has carved his own niche in the historical thriller genre.

Washington Independent Review of Books

A stellar novel.

USA Today

Realistic and mesmerizing.

Chicago Tribune