Tom Sturridge

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As Bob, he’s unhinged and unpredictable, every bit the ex-junkie[...]Sturridge, somehow, makes him seem like a fledgling bird, featherless and craning upwards to be fed. It’s an alarming image, distorted and damaged. 

Matt Trueman
Variety on American Buffalo

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Like the play, Sturridge's performance is weird and wild and winding and wonderful; he's an exciting and frightening actor who shouldn't be allowed to absent himself so frequently from our stages.

Fiona Mountford
Evening Standard on No Quarter

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The real surprise [...] is young Brit actor Sturridge ("On the Road"). He shows astonishing athleticism and expressive physicality, leaping from one surface to another with simian agility or shrinking into a huddled ball. But he also conveys the alert mind ticking away behind the stuttering words and the twitchy, obsessive behaviour. There's a distinct sense here of a docile but unpredictable caged animal, literally about to burst with pent-up energy. For [...] Sturridge, this is a killer Broadway debut.

David Rooney
The Hollywood Reporter on Orphans

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