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Tom Sturridge

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Gerald Schoenfeld Theater, Broadway, Director Daniel Sullivan

In April 2013 Tom Sturridge opened in a Broadway revival of Lyle Kessler's play Orphans, directed by Daniel Sullivan at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater.

Tom plays the role of Phillip, one of the three central leading roles, opposite Alec Baldwin and Ben Foster. The play charts the relationship between Phillip and his overbearing older brother Treat (Foster) and the fallout following their kidnapping of a notorious Chicago gangster Harold (Alec Baldwin).

Tom's performance in Orphans has attracted a host of praiseworthy notices and has gained him a nomination for Outstanding Featured Actor in a Play at the Outer Critics' Circle Awards 2013, in which Orphans is also nominated for Outstanding Revival of a Play. Tom has also been nominated for the Distinguished Performance Award in this year's Drama League Awards.

Tom Sturridge as Phillip in Orphans at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre Broadway (c) Joan Marcus

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The performance turned in by Sturridge (busy in film, but keeping his spot warm on the English stage) is nothing less than amazing. Rather than portray Phillip as mentally deficient in some ill-defined way, he's created a highly detailed and remarkably specific portrait of someone with Autism spectrum disorder who's capable of functioning on a high level, but not without the help he's getting. Left to his own devices, he's developed a natural gift for mimicry and athletic skills that send him bounding all over the set and straight up the walls. For all its physical prowells, it also happens to be a highly intelligent and quite sensitive performance."

Marilyn Stasio Variety

What we remember is Sturridge's astonishing turn. The Young British actor ("Pirate Radio") is fearlessly physical, but he also gives us the sense of a wild child opening up to the world outside his window. Phillip may be the most unstable character on the stage, but he's the one who keeps the show together.

Elizabeth Vincentelli New York Post

Sturridge is phenomenal as Phillip

Robert Kahn NBC New York

London-born Sturridge ("Being Julia") delivers a performance filled with energy and surprises and free of sentiment.

Joe Dziemianowicz New York Daily News

the name people are likely to remember from this revival of Lyle Kessler's three man 1983 drama is Tom Sturridge. Everyone in Daniel Sullivan's tight and powerful production is first-rate, but Sturridge, a young British actor in his Broadway debut, creates a vulnerable, stunted character who flies like a monkey from furniture to window pane without his feet ever touching the floor. He is amazing.

Linda Winer Newsday

The real surprise [...] is young Brit actor Sturridge ("On the Road"). He shows astonishing athleticism and expressive physicality, leaping from one surface to another with simian agility or shrinking into a huddled ball. But he also conveys the alert mind ticking away behind the stuttering words and the twitchy, obsessive behaviour. There's a distinct sense here of a docile but unpredictable caged animal, literally about to burst with pent-up energy. For [...] Sturridge, this is a killer Broadway debut.

David Rooney The Hollywood Reporter