Twenty Twelve and Inbetweeners win at British Comedy Awards

twenty twelve

December 18, 2011

Twenty Twelve created, written and directed by John Morton won the Best Sitcom gong at the British Comedy Awards 2011. The comedy set amongst the fictional Olympics Deliverance Team following them as they prepare for London 2012 stars Hugh Bonneville, Jessica Hynes and Olivia Colman and will be returning to our screens in the New Year.

The Inbetweeners written and created by Iain Morris and Damon Beesley was honoured with the British Comedy Academy Outstanding Achievement Award. The hit show has just been made into the phenomenally successful film following the four stars, including Blake Harrison, as they head off on holiday.

Horrible Histories won the Best Sketch Show Award, Ben Ward is one of the major contributors and script editor of the show beloved of children and adults. Gez Foster and Oriane Messina and Fay Rusling also write for the show.

Fresh Meat won the Best New British Comedy Award. The series written by Tony Roche, Keith Akushie, Jon Brown and Rose Heiney and directed by Annie Griffin follows the lives of six freshers at a fictional Manchester University and will return for series two next year.

Psychoville directed by Matt Lipsey won the Best Comedy Drama Award. The strange world has captured imaginations and stars Dawn French and Reece Sheersmith as two of the weird strangers brought together by strange coincidence.

New comedy Spy created and written by Simeon Goulden, and directed by Ben Taylor, was recognised with Darren Boyd who stars as hapless Tim winning Best Comedy Actor for his role in the show.

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