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Will Sharpe

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Black Pond

Black Pond Films Director Will Sharpe Writer Will Sharpe

Written by Will Sharpe and Tom Kingsley, Black Pond follows the Thompson family, who have been accused of murder when a stranger dies at their dinner table.

Six months later, family friend Tim Tanaka visits freelance therapist Dr Eric Sacks and the story finds its way into the press. The facts are bent and the details spun and the Thompsons become known to the public as 'The Family of Killers'.

Will also stars, alongside Chris Langham and Simon Amstell, in the role of Tim Tanaka, the family friend who kick-starts the whole drama.

Will Sharpe in Black Pond

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Shot for an incredibly tight £25,000 - yet it looks like one with a budget ten, if not a hundred, times larger.

Steve Bennett Chortle

As heartbreaking and quietly poetic as it is funny and observational... A rare example of a comedy with weight and substance behind it.

Caroline Preece Movie Reviews