John Morton

Time Out on Twenty Twelve: Series 2, Episodes 1-4 by John Morton

Twenty Twelve: Series 2, Episodes 1-4

By Gabriel Tate

The characters are instantly recognisable. The dilemmas are just about plausible. And the jargon is grimly familiar. The only trouble with this well observed, impeccably cast mock-dock is that truth can be stranger than fiction. Tensions are rising at the Olympic Deliverance Committee, which this week sails into the choppy waters of 'Multi-culturality' when it becomes apparent that the Shared Belief Centre doesn't face Mecca. The Algerian team threatens to pull out, creating a dilemma for Hugh Bonneville's Ian Fletcher, whose mantra of 'it's all good' feels increasingly inappropriate. The satire is still on the soft side, but the Olympics themselves aren't so much the target as the pervasive advance of management-speak and mystifyingly monickered suits across almost any industry you could care to name.