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Jonny Geller joined Curtis Brown in 1993 as an assistant after a short career as an actor. He became a literary agent in 1995 after discovering a novel on the unsolicited pile which went on to sell rights around the world.

He is CEO of The Curtis Brown Group, the parent company of Curtis Brown agency, Ed Victor Ltd, Curtis Brown Creative, Tavistock Wood, Markham Froggatt and Irwin and Cuba Productions.

He is also Chairman of the books division and CBC.

Jonny represents a wide range of globally significant writers, from authors of first class best-selling fiction to memoirs; from former Prime Ministers, and thought leaders to public figures, business people and journalists.

Jonny was awarded Literary Agent of the Year Award in 2012 after previously being shortlisted three times. He has consistently appeared on Evening Standard’s 1000 Most Influential People in London list and was named amongst Britain's most influential 500 people by Debrett's 500 in association with the Sunday Times in 2015 and in the same year as one of GQ's 100 Most Connected Men in Britain. He has been listed in the The Bookseller’s 150 every year since its inception.

He is the author of one book, Yes, But is it Good for the Jews? published by Penguin (2006), and produced a book to raise funds after the 2004 Tsunami entitled New Beginnings (Bloomsbury).

He is assisted by Ciara Finan

  • @simon_francesca Shtisl is almost a masterpiece (esp 2nd series)!

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