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Treacle Walker

book | 2021

‘Ragbone! Ragbone! Any rags! Pots for rags! Donkey

A young boy, Joseph Coppock, lives alone in an old house next to a railway line above a brook and a coppice of alder trees. He has a lazy eye, reads his comics and plays with his collection of marbles, particularly his prized dobber. When, one day, a rag-and-bone man called Treacle Walker appears, who exchanges an empty jar of a cure-all medicine and a donkey stone for a pair of Joseph’s pyjamas and a lamb’s shoulder blade, a mysterious friendship develops between them.

A fusion of myth and magic and wonder and the stories we make for ourselves, from one of our greatest living writers, Treacle Walker is a remarkable exploration of the fluidity of time and its effect on an introspective boy trying to make sense of the world around him.

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