Alex Taylor

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Writer & Director 

Army Of You and Me
Feature Film
Producer Olivier Kaempfer
Parkville Pictures / BFI
In Development
Feature Film
Producer Nicola Bowen and Olivier Kaempfer
  • Antti Reini
  • Alexa Davies
  • Harry Pellow-Jarvis
  • Lara Peake

    A girl fakes her own alien abduction and disappears, leaving her father to search for her in a strange teenage world of unicorns and black holes.

    BFI / BBC Films / Creative England

    Upon finding out that she will be moving to a school for "special kids", a nine-year-old girl becomes obsessed with the idea of turning into a robot.

    Seaweed Films
    Producer Hsinyi Liu

    An alien-obsessed teenaged girl looks for happiness with a boy who dresses as an assassin. 

    Seaweed Films
    Producer Hsinyi Liu

    Two fanatical Eastern European girls come to East London to prepare for Jesus' return, by performing a 'homemade' exorcism on a tortoise that listens to death heavy metal.

    Seaweed Films
    Kids Might Fly
    Special Jury Prize, SXSW
    Producer Rachel Swindale and Hsinyi Liu

    An off-beat portrait of kids living in East London.

    Seaweed Films