Director for film

Amelia recently won the London Calling award for best short film for her short film Night Out. 

She’s a Leeds-born writer and director and after a career in casting for renowned feature film directors, Amelia decided that her true passion lay in directing. 

Her first short Don’t Blame Us Cos We’re Famous! had its UK premier at the London Short Film Festival, before going on to win Best UK Short at the 2015 East End Film Festival. The film starring Scottish BAFTA winner Paul Brannigan and Juliet Oldfield, was written by Jules Bishop, and produced by Olivier Kaempfer of BAFTA nominated Parkville Pictures. 

Amelia was selected to participate in the 2016 WFTV mentoring scheme and was awarded a diversity skill set fund to attend the NFTS Directors Series in 2015. 

Her three branded short films for Volkswagen screened at Cannes Lions 2017 and were nominated for an award at the Campaign Big Awards 2017.
Amelia started her career in production- running for companies like Working Title Films, Blueprint Pictures and shadowing Stephen Daldry during the rehearsals of Billy Elliot the Musical.

She then moved to Anthony Minghella and Sydney Pollack’s production company Mirage Enterprises where she cut her teeth working as a development intern, as the video assist on Breaking and Entering and then assisting Anthony Minghella and Carolyn Choa on their opera debut Madam Butterfly. Other director’s assistant work includes working with Simon McBurney/ Complicite on A Disappearing Number and with Marianne Eillot on Alice.



Writer & Director 

Night Out
London Calling Award
Producer Harry Starkey-Midha & Helen Dulay
Longlisted: Reed Short Film Competition
Producer Rachelle Constant
  • Sagar Radia
  • Short film about a young man and his interest in Islam


    Writer Tom Greaves
  • Tom Greaves
  • Mockumentary about a British pornstar

    Star Search: Tankerton
    Longlisted: Reed Short Film Contest
    Writer Christina Carty & Marina Niel
  • Christina Carty
  • Tom Greaves
  • Marina Niel
  • Short film about two friends entering a talent contest

    Writer Christina Carty & Marina Niel

    Short film about two friends who refuse to grow up until one meets a new boyfriend

    Three Peg Productions
    Producer Olivier Kaempfer
    Writer Jules Bishop
  • Paul Brannigan
  • Juliet Oldfield
  • Parkville Pictures

    Director & Producer 

    Experimental documentary shortlisted for MY WINNIPEG, Channel 4, 3 Minute Wonder Competition



    Producer Daphnee Hocquard
    Writer Christina Carty & Marina Niel

    Ten part comedy web series about two friends

    In development