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Royal Navy Way of Leadership

book | Non-Fiction | 2012
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Four years ago the Second Sea Lord of the Royal Navy asked Andrew St George to spend time with every level of the Navy staff, from junior sailors in the engine room of an aircraft carrier, to handlers of landing craft, through to Royal Marines, ships’ commanders, and Royal Navy staff right up to Navy Board and Cabinet level, with the aim of creating a book which distils the leadership culture of perhaps the most highly respected and efficient organisation in the world.

This book charts that journey – representing the largest piece of research on Royal Navy leadership ever done – and it is the current state of the art leadership framework for the Navy. St George writes about how to plan and execute, how to exercise judgment and how to motivate people. Everything in the book is here because it works, tested over thousands of hours of hard training, rigorous assessment and absolute measurement.

The book’s messages are deceptively simple. In order to succeed we must have: the clarity of intent; the strategy; the resources; a contingency plan; an emotional investment. These tenets stand in all walks of business and personal life: they are from Nelson’s order of battle at Trafalgar.

One of the Senior Royal Navy personnel behind this book, Admiral Sir James Burnell-Nugent carried two things with him at all times. Not a phone, nor a diary, nor a computer. He carried his hat, so that when he walked into a room everyone knew who he was (which saved a great deal of time) and a small card with Nelson's lines on it so that when he walked into a room he knew what he was there for.

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Royal Navy Way of Leadership
Royal Navy Way of Leadership
Royal Navy Way of Leadership
Royal Navy Way of Leadership
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