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In Search of the Distance

book | Fiction | Jul 2021
US & Canada → The Hogarth Press (Ed. Parisa Ebrahimi)

Lush and evocative, In Search of the Distance is grounded in the guilt and trauma of war. After several years studying in India, our protagonist, Krishan, has returned home to post-war Sri Lanka, where he finds himself struggling with his sense of obligation to this war-ravaged community while yearning, all the while, for his time in Delhi with the beautiful and fierce activist Anjum. When his grandmother’s caretaker, Rani, dies unexpectedly in a possible suicide, Krishan makes the long journey from Colombo to her remote village in the war-torn north for the funeral.

With astonishing grace, Anuk’s prose pulls us through the worlds of the living, the martyred, and the murdered. Meditating on love, literature, longing, and the legacy of the thousands of Tamils displaced, killed, buried, and forgotten during the war, In Search of the Distance is both a novel and a relic, an effigy for those whose lives were lost fighting for freedom and sovereignty, a song to mortality and a prayer for healing.


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