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Second Sight

book | Fiction | Jul 2018
ANZ → Simon & Schuster (Ed. Dan Ruffino)
UK → Simon & Schuster
US → Pegasus

Eliza Carmody has returned home from the city to work on the biggest law case of her career. The only problem is this time she’s on the ‘wrong side’ – defending a large corporation against a bushfire class action being brought by her former hometown of Kinsale.

Returning to Kinsale for her case, she witnesses an old friend, Luke Tyrell, commit an act of lethal violence. As the police investigate that crime and hunt for Luke, they uncover bones at ‘The Castle’, a historic homestead in the district. Eliza is convinced that they belong to someone from her past. 

As she is entangled in the investigation, and  is pulled back into youthful friendships and loss, she will question everyone she knows … and everything she thought was true.


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Aoife Clifford is brilliant at showing how the past is a strong, pulsing stream that infects and directs the present. She’s done it again with Second Sight, a pacy, gripping thriller with thick ropes of regret, trauma, misunderstood love and misdirected duty slithering beneath. 

Emily Maguire

This brilliantly crafted, slow-burn crime novel from Australian Clifford (All These Perfect Strangers) slides with delicious subtlety from a story that begins in small-town reminiscences and regrets, moves into amateur investigation blended with personal history and deep secrets, and then takes a plunge into driving thriller territory... Clifford is definitely a writer to watch.

Publisher's Weekly (Starred)

I read Second Sight like I was on fire. Aoife has painted a wonderful portrait of a town struggling under the weight of its secrets. 

Sarah Bailey

Aoife Clifford has absolutely nailed it again. The characters were beautifully drawn and the small town intrigues kept me turning pages to the big reveal at the end. Brava!

Fiona Barton

Incisive prose that establishes Clifford as something of a stylist. Trouble and teenagers are at the heart of this fine crime novel that introduces us to Melbourne lawyer Eliza Carmody, who has reluctantly returned to her home town to investigate the cause of a catastrophic bush fire two years earlier. Nice work.

Sydney Morning Herald

Second Sight is a fiery and thrilling read by one of Australia’s most talented crime writers and we can’t recommend it enough.

Better Reading

When you rake over old embers, you risk rekindling fires, and that is what happens in Aoife Clifford’s accomplished Second Sight, a terrific addition to the tradition of tough Australian crime writing, a la Garry Disher and Peter Corris. Clifford has a gentler touch, but her observations of the small-town psyche are every bit as insightful.


[...] this is a book that you can pick up and not put down again until the final page is done.

Adelaide Advertiser

Second Sight is a beautifully crafted tale of treachery, tangled perceptions, and family dysfunction. Clifford masterfully packages skewed realities and hard-held grudges in a ride that breathlessly picks up speed until its last shocking conclusion. Impossible to put down!

Julie McElwain
Author of A Murder in Time

'It's a familiar trope: local girl made good returns to the town she escapes 20 years earlier and vowed not to revisit. Eliza Carmody, junior partner in a city law firm, is reluctantly back in beachside Kinsale...Within seven pages, Aoife Clifford has subverted the trope and the reader is hooked. The tension is high, the pace rapid and the plot primed to keep the pages turning.'

Weekend Australian

Another engrossing read by one of our most talented crime writers.

Anna George

A shrewdly paced account of a young litigation lawyer's investigations into a suspicious fire and her own troubled history.

Garry Disher

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