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Killing It

book | Fiction | 2018
World → Bonnier Publishing (Ed. Katherine Armstrong)
World → W F Howes

Killing It is James Bond meets Nikita for the Unmumsy Mum generation…

Meet Lex Tyler…

Proud first-time mama to a six-month-old daughter.

Assassin for an underground branch of Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Returning from maternity leave, Lex needs to reassure sceptical colleagues she is still up to the job. From squeezing a Glock 45 into an overflowing nappy bag to having her breast pump mistaken for government issue torture equipment, juggling two different worlds is not easy.

Her first mission back leads to the darkness of her working life colliding with the bright plastic of soft play as she uses her new mother status to get close to the glamorous Russian wife of her next target. When the hit goes wrong, Lex needs to clear her name, taking down whoever is setting her up and stay alive; all whilst battling sleep deprivation, a teething baby and an inquisitive husband.

There is no soft safety mat here. No brushing it off and getting back up again. This is KILLING IT.


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With a slick plot, pin-sharp prose and an authentic feel, this fiercely feminist and witty thriller will keep you gripped… and rooting for a rather wonderful heroine.

Sunday Mirror

Mackay’s debut is fresh and fun, and adroitly combines social and parenting comedy with detail-rich derring-do.

John Dugdale
Culture, The Sunday Times

With a dark humour, a twisty plot and a healthy dose of genuine emotion this unique novel is a thrilling ride.

Heat Magazine

Move over, James Bond - Alexis Tyler proves that women really can do it all. Bring on the next mission.

Jade Craddock
The Sun

Brilliant and funny

Hugh Grant

Witty and original

Clare Mackintosh, author of After the End

I absolutely loved it!

Marian Keyes

In her hilarious, clever and refreshingly original debut, Asia Mackay shows us just what fun can be extracted from the creation of a breast-feeding but strong-willed woman who can successfully combine espionage with motherhood.

Pam Norfolk
Lancashire Evening Post
Full Review

A fast-paced ride that is both hilarious and exciting.

Australian Women's Weekly

There's plenty to enjoy in this fast-paced twist on the traditional male-led spy novel. It's an unusual mix of thriller and comedy - funny, clever, refreshing.

Megan McChesney

Hilarious, wildly original, heartily feminist, Killing It is the book every working mum should read.

Nicky Pellegrino
New Zealand Woman's Weekly

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