Axelle Jah Njiké

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Me, My Sex and I

book | Non-Fiction | Mar 2022
France → Editions Au Diable Vauvert

Me, My Sex and I: Diary of an Afropean Feminist

In this literary memoir, Axelle Jah Nijké tells her story as an Afropean, daughter, woman-turned-mother, having suffered from sexual and educational abuse in her childhood. By reclaiming her family’s story, Axelle confronts the stereotypes and demands that are still put on women to this day. This memoir also tells the story of an awakening, a journey to empowerment through literature and sexuality, where intimacy meets politics. A powerful narrative that will count as one of the greatest feminist intimate stories of our times.


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Axelle Jah Njiké explore l'intimité des femmes noires. Une réflexion nourrie de ses propres traumatismes.


Un livre qui irradie d'une liberté et d'une force de résilience qui montre aux autres femmes un chemin possible vers la lumière, sans jamais tomber dans l'injonction.


An invigorating narrative that advocates sexual liberty and transgenerational sorority

Livres Hebdo

A deeply moving book that proves that the experience of one woman may echo with many others


Dans sa quête d’une «sexualité solaire» [...], elle a parlé et fait parler. Pour, finalement, triompher


A liberating tale of emancipation through literature and sexuality


By sharing her own story without shame or taboo, the Afropean author from Cameroon proves just how much intimacy can be a source of freedom, power and regeneration

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