Bill McGuire

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Horizon, multiple episodes

Producer Bettina Lerner Director Mark Hedgecoe Starring
  • Professor Stanley Ambrose
  • Professor Bill Bonnichsen
  • Professor Robert Christiansen
  • Professor Henry Harpending
    Production Company BBC Television
    Broadcaster BBC 2

    Bill presented a series of documentaries on specialist topics from the least-understood of natural phenomena in the world: supervolcanoes, to the geological time-bombs that are mega-tsunamis.

    Further investigations included ‘The Big Chill’, which examined the possibility that even the British summer could be a thing of the past as scientists predict that Britain could be heading for a climate like Alaska’s. Meanwhile ‘Volcano Hell’ looked at the progress made by scientists facing the challenge of predicting major eruptions before they can unleash widespread devastation and claim lives on a massive scale.

    Horizon, multiple episodes

    You can try diverting an asteroid. But there is nothing at all you can do about a supervolcano. Bill McGuire

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