Birthday Girls

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Writer & Performer 

Birthday Girls House Party Podcast
Nominated British Podcast Award for Best Comedy 2019
Writers and Hosts 
Production Company Whistledown
Broadcaster BBC Radio 1


Writer & Performer 

Writers and Performers 


Stand-Up (As part of comic trio Birthday Girls) 
Soho Theatre and Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Actors (Various Roles) 
Running Bare Pictures for BBC 3
Sketch Writers/Performers (As part of female comedy group Lady Garden) 
Avalon for BBC 3
BBC Inhouse for BBC Radio 4
Actors (Patsy & Bubble's interns) 
Sanders and French Productions/Inhouse for BBC One
Actors (Various Roles) 
Comic Relief for BBC One
Various (part of comic group Lady Garden) 
BBC inhouse for CBBC/BBC2
Various Roles (As comic trio Birthday Girls) 
Zeppotron for Channel 4
Various Roles (As comic trio Birthday Girls) 
Objective Productions & That Mitchell and Webb Company for Channel 4