Blake Harrison

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The Inbetweeners (3 series)

Best Sitcom, Comedy Awards 2011; Best Multi-Channel Format, National Television Awards 2011; Best Comedy, Royal Television Society Awards, 2010; Best New Comedy, British Comedy Awards 2008
Role Neil
Director Gordon Anderson & Ben Palmer
Production Company Bwark/Channel 4

The Inbetweeners is a BAFTA-nominated sitcom about a group of teenage friends struggling to fit in as they go through sixth-form at school.

Blake plays Neil, the slower, but ever-optimistic, member of the foursome, who adds a constant element of boyish mischief to any situation the lads find themselves in.

The Inbetweeners is currently filming its third series, which will air late in 2010.

The Inbetweeners (3 series)

For no-frills, unadulterated high-spirited camaraderie between four mates, The Inbetweeners simply cannot be beaten. Joe McNally
The Independent

Grange Hill with irony and swearing...What was astonishing was that it made me laugh. Not just once but quite a lot, repeatedly. The person I share my so-called life with put her head round the door and asked what that terrible noise was. Just me laughing, dear. "Well, watch something else, you're frightening the dog." A.A. Gill
The Sunday Times