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Finches of Mars

book | Fiction | 2013
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'My final science fiction novel’ - Brian Aldiss

Brian Aldiss has announced that this book, Finches of Mars, will be his final science fiction novel. And what a way to end one of the most illustrious careers in the genre.

Set on the Red Planet, it follows the stories of a group of colonists and the problems they have in setting up a new society. Life can be sustained, but new life will not prosper: the women on the planet only ever give birth to stillborn children.

Exploring many of the author’s classic themes, this is a landmark novel in any genre.


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Finches of Mars

Finches of Mars values the ambitious potential for storytelling at the heart of Science Fiction, of dealing in ideas that can be described as grand, important as well as relevant. Paul Risker
Starburst Magazine

Now in his 80s, Aldiss is acknowledged as a British grand master of science fiction. Once again he demonstrates the power of his imagination. David Bradbury
Daily Mail

An excellent novel that will be loved by Brian Aldiss fans and all sci-fi readers alike. The Mole
Our Books Review Online

The novel is a thoroughgoing examination of humankind’s flaws and potential. It’s jaundiced, cantankerous, intellectually engaged, and in the end grudgingly optimistic.
Financial Times

It’s a terrific yarn, but more than that; as Aldiss casually throws out ideas and speculations, it’s a reminder of why he’s one of the giant’s of the field.
SFX Magazine

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