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The Cretan Teat

book | Fiction | 2001
World → Leonaur
A licentious, aged author narrates his story of the Langstreets – Archie, Kathi and son Clifford – whose lives are dramatically altered on holiday in a small Cretan town.

‘Kyriotisa’ is burdened by the memory of Nazi war atrocities, so when the locals discover Archie’s ancestry (he is the son of an SS captain who butchered this very town) the Langstreets find themselves in danger.

Meanwhile, their plans to forge an icon, depicting Jesus being suckled by his grandmother, for use in a court case against the corrupt Nentelstam Corporation (producers of an infant milk formula) may have more of an impact than they could have imagined, both in Kyriotisa and beyond.

Sprinkled with the experiences of the randy but ill-fated author, as they occur during the creation of his novel, The Cretan Teat is a multi-layered story about history, blame, corruption, obsession, sex, the novelist and growing old disgracefully.


Melissa Pimentel manages the translation rights for The Cretan Teat

The Cretan Teat
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