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Be Infants In Evil

Producer Druid Theatre Company Director Oonagh Murphy Starring
  • Bailey Hayden
  • Roxanna NicLiam
  • Marion O’Dwyer
  • Marty Rea
    The Mick Lally Theatre
    Fr. Patrick is newly posted to a parish in Dublin. He needs to be alone to reckon with his past. But instead he finds himself hearing confessions he is in no mind to hear, from Noleen, a blind widow who knows more than she lets on to know. He’s wrangling with Jacinta – an unmarried mother and recent Muslim convert – who wants it in writing that’s she’s left the church. He’s playing host to Henry, a 13-year-old boy who has somehow made it alone from London to be with his old friend. Will he get the new start her he needs, or will it all come crashing down around his ears?

    ‘The only time there can ever be love is when there’s life, and that’s now.’

    At once, comic and playful and savage, Be Infants in Evil is an outstanding debut that complicates the story of modern Ireland, just when we thought we had it all figured out.
    Be Infants In Evil

    Galway arts festival, where dragons roam the streets

    " of the most intriguing I saw...displayed the stigmata of promise...striking..."

    Michael Billington
    The Guardian
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