Non-fiction writer

Carne Ross founded and runs a diplomatic advisory group that supports democratic countries and groups around the world, including Myanmar, Somalia and the Western Sahara. A former UK and UN diplomat, he has worked on conflicts for over 25 years, including in the Balkans, Sudan, Mali and others. While part of the British government, he was involved in both Iraq wars, the invasion of Afghanistan and the 1999 war in Kosovo (he served in both Afghanistan and Kosovo). His NGO currently advises democratic forces in Yemen and Syria. Carne resigned from the British Foreign Office after giving secret evidence to the first official inquiry into the Iraq War (he had been Britain’s Iraq and WMD expert at the United Nations). 

An author of two non-fiction books on diplomacy and anarchism, his writing has appeared in multiple publications, including the New York Times, The Guardian, Financial Times and Vice. His work has been profiled in Buzzfeed, Time magazine, the New York Times and Die Zeit, among others. He is the subject of the feature documentary film, “Accidental Anarchist” which was shown on BBC4’s “Storyville” and has been broadcast in scores of countries. As part of that film, Carne visited the mostly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces on the frontline with ISIS in 2015. He remains in close contact with them.

He lives in London.