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Make or Break

book | Fiction | 2018

Jess, a 29-year-old Londoner with a Kate Beckett fringe and a tendency for dramatics, gets taken on a surprise trip by her long-term boyfriend, Pete, to attend her best friend’s last minute wedding in South Africa. Jess imagines sun, sand, wine and safaris. And returning to London with an ethically mined diamond on her left hand...

But this holiday isn’t set to be quite the fairy tale Jess has planned... and suddenly she finds her world tilting on its axis. And things are only set to get worse when Jess returns home…


Warm and witty.

My Weekly

With romance aplenty, a mystery bubbling tantalisingly beneath the surface, and a superb twist in the tail, Make or Break is the perfect travelling companion for this year’s summer holidays.

Blackpool Gazette

Looking for a brilliant beach read? [...] You'll laugh and cry
along with every high and low. We loved it.

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