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Attack of the 50 Ft. Women

book | Non-Fiction | 2017

In Attack of the 50 Ft. Women, Catherine Mayer combines insights from her years as a journalist with illuminating and sometimes hilarious accounts of forming the Women's Equality Party and deep research into the global reality of gender inequality. The book doesn't just explain with clarity and unprecedented detail the mechanisms holding women back and examine how much women contribute despite these hindrances to every area of life; Mayer also takes readers with her on a journey to a truly gender balanced society—a place that she calls "Equalia"—and shows us how to get there.

"You may have noticed a popular refrain in public life at the moment: 'Men have made a mess. We need women of stature to clear it up.'" This book tests that proposition and asks what else the power of women, unleashed, might achieve.


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An engaging and sharp journalist, she updates the case for equality with fresh research and insights into the sexual politics of everything from domestic life and new technology to cinema and the boardroom.

The New Statesman

Comprehensive, wide-ranging and journalistically rigorous, Attack Of The 50ft Women is an important and timely book. Buy it for yourself, your husband or partner. Most importantly, buy it for your children.

Sunday Express

The book is insightful, revelatory, funny and well worth a read.


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