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Maybe Next Time

book | Fiction | 2022
UK → HarperCollins (Ed. Martha Ashby)
US → William Morrow & Co, Inc (Ed. Tessa Woodward)

One Day meets Groundhog Day where Emma, a 42 year old literary agent, has to live the same day over and over again in order to try and save her beloved and lovely husband from dying. Interspersed with love letters that they send to one another on each anniversary of their first date, telling us the story of their relationship, leaving us both snorting with giggles and doing some ugly crying.

It is Monday and Emma is flying out of the door. She is so busy she fails to notice her lovely husband Dan seems bereft, her son can barely meet her eye and her daughter won’t go near her. Even the dog seems sad. She is far too busy dealing with clients who just will not deliver on time; constantly missing fabulous manuscripts that she then sees selling for loads in Bookseller articles; dealing with 24 WhatsApp groups about the kids’ sports / school / playdates … Her day is frantic, and as she rushes back through the door for dinner, Dan is still upset. They fight, and he walks out, desolate, dragging their poor dog around the block. Just as she realises it is their anniversary and she has not written her letter (but of course he has), she hears the screech of brakes.

Dan is dead.

The next day Emma wakes up… and Dan is alive. And it’s Monday again. And again. And again. Emma tries desperately to change the course of fate by doing different things each time she wakes up: listening to her kids, telling her boss where to get off, leaving WhatsApp, writing to Dan, reaching out to forgotten friends, getting drunk and buying out Prada. But will Emma have the chance to find herself again, prune her client list, reconnect with her children, love her husband? Will this be enough to change the fate they seem destined for?

Maybe Next Time speaks to something deeper about what it is like to exist as a woman/wife/mother/employee in the modern world and all of the stressors that come with that: the endless notifications, the many demands on our time, never feeling like we’re getting it quite right.


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