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The Thin Place

book | Fiction | Apr 2021
World → Thomas & Mercer (Ed. Victoria Haslam)

When journalist Ava Brent decides to investigate the dark mystery of Overtoun Estate—a ‘thin place’, steeped in myth—she has no idea how dangerous this story will be for her.

Overtoun looms over the town, watching, waiting: the locals fearful of the strange building and the secrets it keeps. When Ava starts to ask questions, the warm welcome she first receives turns to a cold shoulder. And before she knows it, Ava is caught in the house’s grasp too.

After she discovers the history of a sick young girl who lived there, she starts to understand the sadness that shrouds it. But when she finds an ominous old message etched into a windowsill, she is forced to wonder—what horrors is the house protecting? And what will it cost her to find out?

With her own first child on the way, Ava knows she should stay away. But even as her life starts to unravel, and she receives chilling threats, the house and the bridge keep pulling her back…


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The Thin Place gripped me from the first page and took me on a deliciously creepy journey to uncover a dark mystery spanning three generations. A superbly unsettling read.

Sophie Flynn, All My Lies

With evocative writing, first class mystery-weaving, and crafted with an expert hand, it's the perfect story to curl up on a sofa with.

Amanda Jennings, author of The Cliff House

A strange old house full of secrets and an enduring mystery with a compelling cast of characters kept me turning the pages late into the night. The Thin Place is haunting, eerie and utterly gripping—I loved it.

Lisa Gray, author of Dark Highway

Evocative and chilling. A cleverly entwined mystery that's perfectly creepy and tense. I couldn't put it down.

Anna Bell, author of The Man I Didn't Marry

Tension, atmosphere, obsession - what more could you ask for? I loved The Thin Place.

Sarah Lawton, author of All The Little Things

Nervy and unsettling, The Thin Place is a gripping gothic with family drama at its heart. CD Major’s pacy plot spans eras and generations with the lightest touch and is infused with an understated creepiness that stays with you long after the book’s close.

Harriet Walker author of The New Girl

The Thin Place has a brilliant creepy premise [...] guaranteed to leave you sleepless and chilled.

Stylist Magazine

The Thin Place is an evocative, original and deeply eerie thriller - it kept me gripped late into the night to reach the last page! It’s a fantastic read.

Katherine Webb, author of The Disappearance

Read it for the eerie atmosphere and the surprising way the three women’s stories come together.

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