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Producer Hugh Warren Writer Marnie Dickens
Production Company BBC Drama
Broadcaster BBC1

Marnie Dickens’ series about the aftermath following a young woman’s escape from the cellar she had been held captive in for thirteen years.

Snatched at the age of thirteen, Ivy Moxam struggles to adapt to life that has moved on without her. Meanwhile, her captor remains at large and police detectives try to establish what happened to Ivy, and whether they can trust her version of events. 

Thirteen Episode 4
Thirteen Episode 5

‘Thirteen’: 6 Reasons To Watch BBC Three’s Unmissable Drama


Rachel McGrath
Huffington Post

Thirteen - Episode 3 Review

This series is 'chilling and captivating' , and one of the best things to come from the BBC in a long time 

Danny Walker
The Mirror

‘Thirteen’ Finale Review: Big Fail For Police, Big Win For BBC3

Asatisfying conclusion to a memorable five-parter

Caroline Frost
Huffington Post

Thirteen has delivered once again and I'm certain it's not just me who thinks that this series and The Night Manager are worth the BBC licence fee alone

Danny Walker
The Mirror

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