Chris is an imaginative writer/performer who has written for, appeared in, and contributed to a whole host of projects for television and film throughout his career. With extensive experience of the UK comedy scene including live performance, he is currently working on a feature for Film4, and has previously had development deals with Channel Four, ABC, Fox and CBS.




Producer Rupert Majendie

Feature based on the award-winning short film Brian and Charles.

Co-written with David Earl.

Film4 / BFi
Post Production
2014 Crystal Palace International Film Festival: Best Comedy / 2015 International Academy of Web Television Awards: Best Genre Series

Award-winning sci-fi feature/web series in which two absolute idiots discover they are the only people left on Earth.

Co-written with Nat Saunders.



Brian and Charles
Finalist in the South by Southwest awards 2018
Producer Rupert Majendie
Director Jim Archer

Award-winning short film about a lonely man and his home-made robot.

Co-written with David Earl.



Writer & Creator 

Producer Jon Petrie

Online series which became an internet hit, Misery Bear followed the adventures of the world’s most miserable teddy bear. The episode ‘Misery Bear Goes to Work’ acquired over one million views and led to a book deal with Hodder and Stoughton.

Co-created with Nat Saunders.

Roughcut for BBC


Producer Molly Seymour

Surreal comedy drama

In development

Animated series for children set in prehistoric Australia.

Co-written with Henry Coate.

Technicolor/Planet 55
In development

A space-based animated series for children

Co-written with Henry Coate.

In development
Producer Mark Freeland

Comedy horror set in the world of technology

Co-written with Paul Doolan.

Working Title
In development

Spoof reality show in which contestants compete
against one another to join a mission to Mars.

Co-written with Olly Cambridge.

Shiny Button
In development
Producer Jenna Jones

Contributor to both series of the acclaimed sketch show. 

Co-written with Nat Saunders.

Leftbank Pictures for Channel 4
Producer Alex Smith / Ash Atalla

Writer on series one and two of the hit supermarket-based sitcom.

Roughcut for SKY
Pilot Script

Half hour sitcom pilot script focusing on a family that was far from normal.

Co-written with Nat Saunders.

All Grown Up
Pilot Script
Producer Aaron Kaplan

Toy Story for adults, this hour sitcom pilot script centres on one of life’s losers who discovers that the only people who can help turn his life around are his childhood toys.

Co-written with Nat Saunders.

FOX Studios
Seize the Day
Pilot Script
Producer Ash Atalla

A funeral director narrowly avoids death and decides to start his life over again.

Co-written with Nat Saunders

CBS Studios
Big Train
Sketch show
Director Graham Linehan

Additional sketch material co-written with Nat Saunders


Co-written with Nat Saunders

Channel 4
Producer Rupert Majendie

Surreal modern-day workplace comedy

In Development