Christian teaches on purpose-driven leadership, innovation, and impact entrepreneurship at the London School of Economics (LSE), where in 2018 he received the Department of Management’s Excellence in Teaching Award. He is also the co-founder of Leaders on Purpose, an organization convening high-impact leaders, and Sandbox Network, a global community of young innovators active in over 20 countries.

Christian served as inaugural Deputy Director at the LSE's Innovation and Co-Creation Centre and is part of the World Economic Forum's Expert Forum. He acts as Senior Advisor to a number of multinational companies, social enterprises, and startup enterprises, and has served on the Advisory Councils of the Global Shapers Community and INACAP, Chile’s largest university. He previously worked in business in Kenya, Mexico, Germany, and the US, and is the founding curator of TEDxLSE. He has guest-lectured at universities including Stanford University and Peking University.

Christian is among the Diplomatic Courier’s 'Top 99 Influencers'; JCI London’s 'Ten Outstanding Persons', and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA). His ideas on “The Impact Organization” and “Curating Serendipity” have been featured by outlets such as TED/TEDx, Harvard Business Review, WIRED, and The Economist, and he was awarded a number of best paper awards (e.g., Academy of Management). He received his PhD and MSc from the LSE. 

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Why is the “serendipity mindset” that Christian Busch describes in these pages so important? To fully leverage the discoverability and connectivity that today’s mobile networked world enables, you must hone your ability to connect the dots of chance encounters and seemingly random information in creative and productive ways. This book can help you do that – highly recommended!

Reid Hoffman
co-founder of LinkedIn and author of Blitzscaling on The Serendipity Mindset

In The Serendipity Mindset, Christian Busch shows us that understanding how serendipity works can change the way we work and live. Drawing from both cutting-edge science and real-world examples, The Serendipity Mindset is a wise, exciting and life-changing book.

Arianna Huffington
on The Serendipity Mindset