Writer for TV and Film

Christine featured on the BBC’s New Talent Hot List 2017.

Her credits include Trollied, The Dumping Ground, Andy & The Band and she's currently writing on Flatmates Season 2 (iPlayer), a new ITV2 sitcom and a pilot commission for Various Artists Limited. She is also an accomplished script editor.

Her short play Stopcock was published in the Routledge anthology 'Short Plays with Great Roles for Women' in 2020.



Writer & Creator 

Writer Co-written with Jess Gunning
In Development
Objective Fiction
In Development
Writer co-written with Jessica Thorn and Matthew Pountney
Hare & Tortoise
In Development
Writer co-written with Nicola Sinclair
In Development

Original comedy about a mother and daughter trying to reconnect in the most unlikely way.

In Development

Original comedy about living with a constant reminder of how clever you’re not.

In Development


Part of the writing team.

Avalon / ITV 2
Zodiak Kids / iPlayer
Producer John Hancock
  • Andy Day
  • Brand new comedy drama following the crazy and chaotic adventures of Andy & The Odd Socks on the road.

    Three Arrows Media for CBBC
    Producer Gert Thomas
  • Kia Pegg
  • Connor Byrne
  • Sarah Rayson
  • Hit series set in a group home, as a group of children face adventures together growing up in foster care.

    CBBC Productions for CBBC

    An episode of the popular sitcom set in a fictional supermarket in the north-west of England. 

    Rough Cut / Sky One
    Producer Nick Goding
    Director Keri Collins
  • Jason Watkins
  • Sarah Parish
  • Popular sitcom set in a fictional supermarket in the north-west of England.

    Roughcut TV for Sky One


    Writer & Creator 

    A comedy about being your own cock block.

    Southwark Playhouse, Omnibus Theatre, Canal Café Theatre



    A Christmas road trip comedy about a best man with something to prove.

    In Development